Complete works for solo guitar


"Complete works for solo guitar"

This CD compiles all my works for solo guitar,  masterfully interpreted by the excellent guitarist  Fabrizio Proietti. ey span a period of over 15 years,  from 2006 to 2022, and consequently, they feature a  certain variety of styles and composition techniques. I  hope the listener will forgive this heterogeneity and  interpret it as a testament to an endless journey of  exploration. Despite my background in classical guitar, the pieces I  have written for this magnificent instrument are  indeed few. Over the last twenty years, my creativity  has been primarily dedicated to composing for other  instruments, for various ensembles and orchestras, as  well as soundtracks and music for dance and theater. I  have nonetheless often felt the need to return to my  first love, the guitar, and write intimate, personal or  didactic pieces for it. Fabrizio Proietti has perfectly understood both sources  of my inspiration: he grasped the nostalgic and  profound nature of pieces like Un petit rien or  Cadenza, the technical challenge hidden behind each  of my 12 Studi per chitarra, the humor in the  Suite-on-BACH, and the lightness of the Capriccio  tonale. I thank him for his commitment spent in the many  hours of recording, and also thank DaVinci Edition  for believing in this project. 

Marco Giannoni


I had the great pleasure of recording Marco  Giannoni's entire work of original guitar music. it was  a long and intense journey in which I had the  opportunity to interpret and bring to life every single  work, discover a different way of understanding a  didactic approach (such as the 12 Studi per chitarra), a  concrete search for modern sounds still coherent with  classical writing (Capriccio tonale). It was a pleasant  journey of exploration in which I directly experienced  contact with those who wrote what I set to music. I  wanted to thank Marco for entrusting me with an this  entire project, for his patience in welcoming me into  his music and his kindness in wanting to collect my interpretations. 

Fabrizio Proietti


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